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Block of the Month 2020

Block of the Month 2020 is led by Carolyn Chaffin.  Block designs will be provided, you decide what you would like your project to be - maybe a quilt, wall hanging or table runner.

  • It is a modified row by row:  Modified because you define how many blocks are in a row, how many rows in your quilt and the size of the blocks.  You also decide the 'shape' of your finished project.  If you look at Row by Row quilts on Pinterest, there are lots finished in different shapes - i.e. a heart. 

  • All blocks can be pieced.  Though, if we have a pieced heart and you'd rather do an applique or paper pieced option, it works, as long as it's recognizable as a heart.  Each month we will publish 2 blocks - one a standard block and one I'd consider a connector - i.e. a 4 patch which can be used when putting your rows together.

  • Each quarter (like in 2019) - bring 1 block from each of the 3 months in the quarter (April, July & October), pinned to a piece of fabric to share with guild members and a name will be drawn for a prize. (prizes already purchased!!)  In January 2021 we will again bring our now finished top or quilt (we want to see even if not quilted)  with at least 10 of the blocks provided during the year and your special piece, to the  guild meeting and prizes will be awarded for 1) overall favorite 2) favorite setting and 3) best use of special fabric/technique.

  • Special fabric – “what's that” you ask.  One of the 'blocks' for December is a special strip/piece of fabric you do what you want with.  Is it a special fabric you've never been able to cut - build a quilt around it with a strip of it, have you wanted to try the coloring on fabric, would you like to add embroidery - twilling - wool  to your project. 

  • Below are the block diagrams so far, in multiple size options.  There will always be at least a 6" and 12" option.  The second 'block' is your special fabric.

Blocks are listed by month published in the newsletter


December -   Windmill

January -       4 Patch  and  Heart Block

February -     Connector Block  and  Snail's Trail

March -          Broken Disk  and  Flower

April   -           Flying Geese  and  Sawtooth Star

May   -            Butterfly  and  Rail Fence

June           Churn Dash  and  House

July  -            Cardtrick  and  Hourglass

August -        Basket and  Pinwheel

September Bowtie and  Pumpkin-Apple

October -       Spool and Jewel Box

November -   Signature and Tree

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