Charity Information

The 2021 charity committee has chosen recipients for this year. They are:


Veterans. Linda Hagen will continue to champion this. They are very appreciative of all we have done for them and don’t have any restrictions. They are using our donations to help transitioning vets who have been in the hospital for a long time and for ones transitioning from being homeless.


Habitat. Janie Benander will champion this. They put together welcome baskets for new homeowners at the rate of a couple per month. They will gladly take our donations but we need to commit to 24 for the year. We would like to supply them with a minimum of 24 kitchen towels and 24 pillowcases. Obviously, it would be lovely if these were all pairs instead of singles. We will have kits and directions available for you from donated fabric or you can make and donate from your stash.


Senior Communities. Heather Schaller will champion this. We plan to donate to as many senior communities in Olathe as we can. Needs are many. Some ideas to start with are walker bags, wheelchair lap quilts, fidget quilts, and throw quilts for naps and extra warmth as they sleep.


If you have an additional project that you love making, contact one of the ladies and see if their recipient can use it. I know that we all have fun items that we like to make. These charities give us all freedom to help in any way we like.

Remember that we have donated fabric if you want some, let Cindy Nice know. We also still have quilt tops that need to be finished.

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