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Block of the Month 2022

Your 2022 block of the month!

I can see spots in front of my eyes! We will do 9 blocks, all must have polka dots somewhere. Final block will be published in September, finished project and show and tell (prizes!) in December. Each block is unique, feel free to make them colorful.


Will you accept the polka dot challenge???

Blocks and instructions are in the Newsletter for the month shown below. Newsletters are under the Resources menu.

2022 BOM January.PNG

January Newsletter

April Newsletter

April 2022 BOM.PNG

July Newsletter

July 2022 BOM.PNG

Heading 1

May Newsletter

May 2022 BOM.PNG

June Newsletter

June 2022 BOM.PNG

August Newsletter

August 2022 BOM.PNG

September Newsletter

September 2022 BOM.PNG
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