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Challenge Quilt - 2021

Two Colors – One Quilt
Hope you join in the fun, in 2021!

The rules are simple: Pick two colors to make your quilt. You may pick two fabrics or if you want a slight scrappy look, use shades of one or both of the two colors that you have picked. It is suggested that you try to stay as close to your two chosen colors as possible so that your quilt is really a two color quilt.


You pick your colors. You pick the pattern. You pick the size.


Make it for you, make it as a gift for someone special or for a special occasion, or make it for charity. Just work to have it completed by the end of the year when we have our wrap up meeting. (Virtual or in-person - we will work something out!) Prizes will be available.

Looking for inspiration? Try out some of these web sites.

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530 Two-Color Quilts ideas | two color quilts, quilts, quilt patterns (


Let’s help each other with the encouragement that we might need as we make our way through the continuing tough times that we are experiencing. Moving forward we will have periodic giveaways throughout the year to help keep us on track with our 2021 Two Color Quilt Challenge.


Happy Quilting! Sherri Irving

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