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Block of the Month 2023

Your 2023 block of the month!

We wanted to add a little twist, we will be doing three parts and you can do all three or just one or two. It is up to you.

Part 1 - The normal block of the month. We will be doing 9 blocks from February through October. It will be a patriotic theme.

Your first challenge is to use red, white and blue colors (so it remains patriotic).

Second challenge is to incorporate some stars in your fabric.

Third challenge is to use different size squares.

All the challenges are optional but there will be prizes involved!

Finished projects are due at the December meeting.


Part 2 - Block exchange at November meeting:
We will have a sign up later in the year to see who wants to participate. You will make enough of whatever block you want for each participant and then we will swap them at the November meeting.
More information will be coming in the near future.

Part 3 - Charity
Since we chose a patriotic theme, we thought it would be nice if everyone would make an extra square of our March block to be donated to the charity quilts in hopes of having it donated to a veteran. They will all be the same block, but it should be interesting with all the different materials.

Again, completely optional. 

2023 Block 1.png

February Pattern: Star Burst

March Pattern: Tribute to Yoda

March Block.png

Tribute to Yoda - Block Tutorial

March Block.png

April Pattern: Friendship Star

Friendship Star.png

Friendship Star - Block Tutorial

Friendship Star.png

May Pattern: Dutch Rose

Dutch Rose.png

June Pattern: Shooting Star

June BOM.png

July Pattern: Kansas Star

July BOM.png

August Pattern: Flag Block

Flag Block.png

August Pattern: Wagon Tracks

Wagon Tracks.png

Oct Pattern: Brighton Beach

Oct Brighton Beach.png

September Pattern: Lightning

Lightning Block.png

September Pattern: Woven Chevron

Woven Chevron.png

Oct Pattern: Jack's Block

Oct Jack's Block.png
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