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  Olathe Quilt Guild Group

  • January 18
    Board meeting at 6:30
    via Zoom


  • January 11
    Guild meeting at 6:30
    via Zoom


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Olathe Quilter's Guild

​PO Box 2651

Olathe, KS 66063

Welcome to Olathe Quilter’s Guild

Founded in 1980, the Olathe Quilter's Guild has monthly meetings that are focused on sharing the love and art of quilting, friendships and exposure to leading quilt artists.

Information below tells about our usual activities,
when conditions allow in-person meetings. See Programs List for details.

Olathe Quilter’s Guild meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at


    Olathe Christian Church

    1115 S Ridgeview Rd in Olathe

(just a few blocks north of 151st and Ridgeview)


Reminder: If the Olathe School District calls off school due to the weather,

we will not have our guild meeting.

4:30pm Dinner  – see below
6:00pm Social Time
6:30pm Meeting Time


Dinner before the Meeting: 
If you would like to join us for dinner, we meet at the Panera on 20120 West 153rd St in Olathe. That’s near Home Depot at 153rd and 7 Highway/169 Highway. We meet at 4:30, but members trickle in as they get off of work, so join us for some quilting fellowship before the meeting.

Regarding Zoom meetings (when we can't or choose not to meet in-person)

Guild meetings will be held using Zoom when circumstances merit or as announced.  

Zoom Tips and Tips for Joining Zoom (click to learn more!)

Website visitors/guests: If you have questions about our guild or would like to join one of our meetings as a guest, please contact us at this email address. We hope to meet you soon!